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We are extremely pleased to formally announce that Aurora Media Arts Education Group administrative offices will open soon in magical London and regional offices in Singapore - the world's most technologically advanced city. Our UCiDEAS campuses will be located in major global hubs of culture, the arts and advanced technology.

"We empower students in their success. Here at UCiDEAS, we believe aligning industry and education acts in the best interests of our upcoming alumni. By creating an adaptable syllabus driven by present and future industry needs now, we aim to cultivate creative visionaries who will define our tomorrow."

Gary English,
CEO & Founder

We deem that tomorrow will be defined by a fusion of arts, technology and sciences.

Consequently, UCiDEAS embodies an exciting new initiative inviting and cultivating original ideation, exploration, experimentation, innovation and invention. Hence the horizons for its scope and vision, inciting its character and evolution, are wide open. And therefore the prospects are endless and limitless.

The Entertainment industry is rapidly transforming to adapt to inventive forms of dissemination, as well as brand new immersive, interactive, augmented and virtual technologies unveiling new multi-dimensional canvases for creative expression. All of these horizons are limited only by the scope of our imagination.

Hence, as we enter this exciting new Renaissance, our mission is to design an education ecosystem that inspires and cultivates imagination as the ultimate stimulus for all ideation, invention, innovation and their various forms of expression, both current and future.

To empower, and therefore to ignite creative passion, dreams and aspirations, and their multifaceted forms of realization via fusion of the arts, design, media, game, immersive and themed entertainment as well as research, we aim to embrace all forms of innovative new technology

  • Our Strategic Academic Partner

    University of East London

    Here at UEL, we pride ourselves in our world-class research, which makes us one of the top six modern universities for research in the country. We are a vibrant university with a vision to bring transformational academic and enterprising opportunities to those in our region, and around the world.

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In association with our strategic academic partner UCiDEAS will initially offer BA Degrees and Masters Degrees in the following disciplines:

  • voice_chat


  • reorder


  • extension


  • 3d_rotation


  • panorama_vertical


  • layers


  • lightbulb_outline


  • star

    & DESIGN

  • smartphone


  • explore

    Narrative, Composition,
    Experiential Media

  • devices_other

    Enactive Technologies
    and Interfaces

  • donut_small

    Visual Computing

Meet our key team members

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  • Gary Allen English

    Co-Founder, President & CEO - UCiDEAS

    Following thirty years of entrepreneurship and over eight years as a university professor, my appreciation and passion for the media industry continues to grow. Witnessing the dire need for qualified individuals fueled by passion and creativity in the global media industry, and an underserved demand for media arts and sciences education, we see UCiDEAS as more than an answer.

    UCiDEAS serves as the medium to meet the social responsibility for those experienced and aware to give back to media. By bridging the gap of connection between the curiously driven and the diligently established, we enable the future leaders of the global media business to pursue fulfilling careers defined by their own passion.

    “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

  • Dr. Paul Springer

    Director of Communications Schools, Research Professor in Communications, University of Falmouth, United Kingdom; Elected President, The European Institute for Commercial Communications Education (edcom), Brussels, Belgium

    University of Interactivity. Design. Entertainment Arts & Sciences is a vision filled with limitless possibilities. Nurturing new talent in film, television, mass and commercial communications, production, and business and design. We will be pioneering in shaping a new generation of media groundbreakers. The timing of this initiative is opportunistic and very significant. Just when the professional film, broadcast, narrowcast and advertising industries face the biggest challenges in their commercial history, UCiDEAS will present courses, develop professional skills and personal attributes fit for the new media paradigm.

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  • Alan M. Jones

    Vice President Academic Affairs and Strategic Initiatives - UCiDEAS

    With over 30 years of experience in the Education, Media and Entertainment industry and as an award winning Media Designer and Educator my vision for UCiDEAS is to bring a unique perspective to a new learning paradigm. With a focus on the importance of developing creative media, we recognize we are truly on the doorstep of a new Renaissance in both art and technology. UCiDEAS will be pioneer educators in this new frontier and will bring future Artists and Technologist together to study, research and create groundbreaking storytelling concepts not just in traditional forms but also most importantly in newly recognized art forms in the world of AI, VR and Augmented Reality.

    UCiDEAS is resolute in supporting the importance of a thorough foundation in the fundamental principles and cores skills of creativity, including the critical role of reference, observation, analysis, problem solving, collaboration, and teamwork. Creativity is originality that has value and therefore we must maintain an entrepreneurial spirit by keeping an eye on the horizon.

    ““It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” ” – Albert Einstein

  • Mariusz Czajkowski

    Vice President and Chief Technology Officer - UCiDEAS

    With over a decade of experience across graphic design, digital media, and web development, media remains foundational across all my creations. Communication remains critical both externally to families and applicants as well as internally within the student body.

    We understand the power of technology to enhance communication and realize the guiding intent necessary to create a collaborative experience. Driving technology implementations across software and digital platforms guided with process and best practices, we facilitate student communications within: classroom discussions, study groups, and shared personal experiences globally accessible.

    Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.– Paul J. Meyer

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